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Running Your Very Own Three-Ring Circus

Keeping up with the clutter, mess, and chaos in the homeschooling years is a lot like running a three-ring circus! Given by a mother of 10, this session is for families of any size. Delve into ideas, routines, and strategies to keep the stuff AND the people in some semblance of order. Also included are […]

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Teaching Several Grades at Once

Teaching several grade levels all together can seem daunting, however, what might at first appear to be overwhelming can be turned into a benefit in your homeschool. Let’s look together at planning ahead, group teaching, leading older children in sharing knowledge and ideas that bring the family together. Bookmark

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I Don’t Have Enough Patience!

This live presentation will air on:Monday – September 12th – 3pm Pacific timeThis workshop will be taught in the 2016 Not Back to School Summit – REGISTER HERE for live access!Many moms feel like they don’t have enough patience to home educate their children. What do you do when your worst fears are confirmed and you find […]

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