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Equipping Minds Through Games

The brain can change, as the latest research on neuroplasticity has proven. Cognitive and educational gains have been proven with this evidence-based curriculum, which everyone can replicate and use. Participants can put this research into practice by learning specificbrain-training exercises that have been proven to increase working memory, processing, comprehension, reasoning, attention, and long-term memory […]

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Understanding, Identifying, Assessing, and Strengthening Cognitive Abilities for All Ages and Abilities through a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Learn how to access your learner’s strengths and challenges. Understand how and when to integrate exercise, nutrition, vision therapy, sound therapy, neurodevelopmental/movement therapy, vestibular therapy, and cognitive therapy. You will learn different exercises to use in each area to improve learning. A holistic approach is the most effective method to strength and create neuropathways in […]

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