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Why Do Today’s Students Need Computer Science?

Join Chris Yust, President of CompuScholar and a long-time software engineer, as he describes the importance of Computer Science in your homeschool schedule. Find out how you can turn computer “play” time into a productive and rewarding learning experience. Your kids can learn to code, create websites, games, and more – no teacher expertise required. […]

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Bringing Computer Science to Your Classroom

Workshop: Bringing Computer Science to Your Home Classroom –  Do your students love computers, or are they thinking about a computer career?  Do you need a high-quality computer science elective for a transcript?  How can you provide a computer science education for your students when you aren’t an expert yourself?  Join us for a discussion […]

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Hands On Website Design For Kids

Workshop: Hands-On Website Design for Kids –  Have your kids ever asked how they can create their own web pages? This is a great introductory Computer Science topic that can be offered by nearly all families, even if you consider yourself a computer novice.  Join Chris Yust from Homeschool Programming for a discussion on how […]

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