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Getting Them to the Bench… and Staying There! Motivating and Inspiring Young Musicians

We all want our children to have the enormous blessing of being able to play the piano, or any instrument, proficiently and joyfully. But why can it be so hard to get kids to want to practice? In this session, Joseph Hoffman will draw upon years of research and practical experience with directing his own […]

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The Power of Games to Engage the Brain and Accelerate Learning

We know from research and experience that learning sticks best when a student feels appropriately challenged. If the challenge is too easy, boredom sets in and the brain turns off. Too hard, and a child becomes frustrated or confused. Games are a powerful tool for accelerating learning because they allow for flexibility in finding the […]

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Using Online Music Resources to Enhance Your Homeschooling Curriculum

This live presentation will air on:Monday – September 19th – 11am Pacific timeThis workshop will be taught in the 2016 Not Back to School Summit – REGISTER HERE for live access!It has been well-documented that studying music has a unique way of developing the brain and enhancing quality of life. But how can music lessons fit into […]

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