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Teach Your Children Social Skills without Constant Correction So You Can Restore Peace in your Home

Parents, do you feel like you say the same thing over and over again without change? Do you feel like you and your child have a constant stream of animosity between you because you are in a constant state of correcting? Do you worry that your relationship with your child is never going to be […]

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Raising our Boys to Be True Gentlemen

Parents, this is such an important workshop if you are raising boys & girls! We’ve got to do all that we can to help our boys understand that these life skills will directly impact every part of their life, both personally and professionally. These skills change lives and contribute to happier, healthier and more stable […]

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Disciplining With Love So We Don’t Break Our Children’s Spirits

This is a topic I get the most questions about and a topic that so many parents are struggling to find balance with. What is effective, age appropriate punishment? When is talking about it enough? What age is too old or too young for certain discipline and the list goes on? Come and join me […]

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