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My Preschooler is Really Smart, Like Gifted. Now What Do I Do?

What do gifted children need? Especially in the early years.  Giftedness and Executive Function.  Hypersensitivities are part of the package. How to cope. ​ More about Donna Goff: Donna Goff   “My husband, Roger, and I are parents of seven children (four sons and three daughters). We are also grandparents to thirteen grandchildren (three granddaughters […]

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Kids With Accelerated Learning Abilities KOALAS

This live presentation aired during the 2016 Homeschooling Special Needs ConferenceGifted children are not their IQ. They are more resilient than you think. Is your child precocious or a late bloomer? What are some of their challenges? What do they need? Develop their creativity. Develop the whole child. Come learn great tips and techniques for […]

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