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6 Unit Study Themes That Can Be Used for a Whole YEAR!

One of the ways some of us approach homeschooling is aiming for weekly themes, so that we can focus our studies on one major concept per week.  I have come up with many ways to do this, and by using several different subjects.  You can also switch off amongst these unit studies and allow your […]

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Easily Integrate Art into Your Homeschool!

Art can be easy to teach! Your homeschool will brighten, and all of your subjects will be enhanced using this a simple method of teaching fine art and art history that integrates into the subjects your children love and into subjects you are already teaching, like science, history, and literature. In this power-packed class, you […]

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Dramatic Play for Smarter Preschoolers

Dramatic Play Will Make Your Preschooler Smarter By Jen Holmstrom Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Share0 Pin0 Toddlers and Preschoolers are experts in what’s referred to as “dramatic play.” This is when a child uses their imagination to initiate a game of pretend or role playing. A child might peer through an empty paper towel roll […]

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