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Grammar Games

[osd_social_media_sharing] Teaching grammar is a subject many homeschooling parents struggle with.  Just how important is it that a child learn exactly what a direct object is, or how to identify a prepositional phrase? Bookmark

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Create A Family Passion for Reading

Presentation by Shiloah Baker  Tired of pulling your hair out with trying to get your kids to read more?  Need inspiration on how to get your family to enjoy reading time?  What about good books to read for various ages?  Bookmark

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But What About Grammar?

Presentation by Andrew Pudewa  Knowing how to teach grammar is especially challenging for the parent who doesn’t feel confident in his or her own grammar proficiency. Grammar programs often consist of piles of workbooks, wasted dollars, and way too much time spent trying to fulfill that subject. Often what is taught in those workbook pages […]

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