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Is Homeschooling Tax Deductible

[osd_social_media_sharing] As more and more families move toward home education, the variety of individual economic challenges also increases.  Many people look at the cost of purchasing curriculum, paying for online courses, and even basic supplies such as pencils, pens, paper, binders and notebooks, craft and art supplies, etc. to be daunting.  The biggest question they […]

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Financial Freedom Creates Political Autonomy

Financial Freedom Creates Political Autonomy –  We will help you understand the banking system, money, and basic financial literacy.  Recognizing how wealth is created and what you can personally do to increase your own wealth with simple tools.  Know the difference between hard assets and paper (or electronic) money.  Learn how to change your thinking […]

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What are the Cycles of History

Do your children understand that history has cycles?  From sociological patterns to patterns of war and peace, these cycles are not only interesting, but if you understand them you can help make changes for the better. Understanding and being able to recognize patterns of history, you can more accurately predict outcomes.  What if those outcomes are […]

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