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How to make a homemade whiteboard

Many people who homeschool use visual aides.  Whiteboards are just so expensive to buy, why not make one yourself?  You can get as simple or as elaborate as you want to with this, explore and plan the whiteboard that will best fit your family needs and your budget!   Sheet protector – genius! I learned […]

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Having trouble motivating your child?

By Dianne McLean I believe all homeschoolers go through this at one point or another – kids aren't motivated, they sit for what seems like an eternity staring at the same math problem, they daydream, they throw fits when you try to get them to do their work, etc.  Even if you tell them they […]

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Homeschooling while working full time

A lot of parents contact us each year with the concern as to how they can homeschool while working full time.  With the economy still declining, this is more of a challenge than ever before.  But it is possible with a little creativity and planning and many parents have done so with huge success! Veteran […]

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Preparing for High School and Beyond

Are you Ready to Homeschool thru High School? Simplification is the premise at Home Education Council of America.  How do you simplify something as complex as high school and college? Dianne McLean, director for HECOA, has successfully graduated her children from homeschool and helped them get into college and university with one simplified checklist and […]

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Easy Homeschool Resources

There is no doubt that home educators want the BEST academic experience for their children.  We all want our kids to go far and to have every opportunity afforded to them.  Yet sometimes it's just not practical for a parent to teach ALL the subjects their kids want or need to learn.  What do you […]

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Gardening and Home Education

Gardening & Homeschoolingby Dianne McLeanPlant a garden, watch it grow. That’s usually one of the top 10 activities that new home educators think of doing as an activity with their children. Home education takes patience and nurturing, as does a garden. The two go hand in hand. You learn a lot about life when you […]

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