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Kids in the Kitchen – Whats for Lunch

[osd_social_media_sharing] What’s for Lunch? Homeschoolers are learning all the time and lunch is an excellent opportunity for teaching kids, when many won’t even realize they are learning! Cooking opens up creativity.  All of the senses are challenged in the kitchen – taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing.  Through participation in the smallest of kitchen tasks to […]

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Teach Physics and Chemistry in First Grade

Yes! Teach Kids Chemistry and Physics in First Grade! –  Most elementary and middle school science books give kids a sampling of random topics. Kids learn a little about the solar system, how a plant grows, and the human body but they never learn the basic building blocks of science: chemistry and physics. Without some […]

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How to Teach a Subject You Know Nothing About

One of the things we focus on at Home Education Council of America is making things easier for the home educator. I've noticed that in many of the online forums, a lot of discussion the past week has been centered around planning for the new year.  Many parents are tossing out curriculum that they might […]

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