Celebrating Homeschool Mothers

Being a mother is one of the most profound opportunities that women have - whether you naturally birthed your children, or adopted, or fostered, or you are raising children for a family member, for whatever reason.  Mothers have been given a special time to nurture, teach, and mentor children.   Homeschool mothers have an even more unique opportunity by taking on the educational part of their child's development.  

Here at HECOA, we honor you!  The greatest gift we can give to the homeschool community is the gift of incredible mentoring.  We do offer free mentoring several times a year in our online video conferences.   Some of our events in 2016:  

  • The 2016 Ultimate Homeschool Bootcamp (23 speakers, 11 days)  
  • The 2016 Ultimate Homeschool Workshop (15 hours from our Director)  
  • The 2016 Not Back to School Summit (more than 45 sessions scheduled)  
  • The 2016 Special Needs Conference (5 days, highly focused)  
  • The Monthly Speaker Series  
  • Special Webinars and Seminars throughout the year

Included in these special conferences are highly motivating presentations to help you when you are feeling discouraged, to help you with balance, to keep a clean home, how to become a mentor to your children, how to leverage curriculum and resources, how to decide on methodologies and even create your own methodology, how to homeschool multiple children at multiple grade levels, how to homeschool special needs children, how to put realistic principles and goals in place, and so much more.  We put hours and hours of time into choosing speakers who relate to our members, who understand their topics and who homeschoolers are.  We spend hours training speakers on how to use the technological tools so their presentation will be as good as it can be, and we spend hours counseling and sharing the joyful moments with homeschoolers who attend these conferences.  The most amazing thing is that it is completely FREE to watch the live streams, and we even give our free Basic members a complimentary 24-hour replay access.  

What we would love to do for you as a homeschool mom, is to give you the opportunity try out the upgraded Plus membership.  This is where our members can have unlimited access to the replays - not only from this year's past events, but also from 2015 and 2014 - over 200 hours of video streams from over 60 different speakers!!

You don't have to wait for our next event to start watching.  Try the Plus Silver membership today, and get immediate access to our past events.  Normally, the Plus Silver membership is $9.95 per month, but through May 8th you can try it for just $5.00.  

Here at HECOA, we have shown that mentors are the key to successfully homeschooling.  More than 90% of the homeschoolers who join as members will tell us that they started off emulating public school, always frustrated with the curriculum, and never having any time to enjoy the experience of homeschooling.  If they are balancing multiple children and multiple grade levels, the overwhelm is so much more.  Once they learn from mentors how to let go of the public school model and to leverage curriculum to fit their individual child, everything changes.  When they can put principles and goals into place for their family and their home, it's miraculous.

We have over 20,000 members at HECOA and learning from our mentors is what has helped them more than any curriculum or purchased "thing" which sits on a shelf.  With over 60 mentors on our panel, there is a wide range of people to learn from.  Joining as a FREE Basic member of HECOA, you can have access to our upcoming live video presentations and learn too!  Upgrading to Plus Silver or Plus Gold will give you access to the recordings to listen at your leisure.

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