Childcare as high school credit

By Dianne McLean, author "Homeschooling High School and Beyond"

Social Media Question: "My daughter will be babysitting for a full year on a part time basis. Can childcare be given as high school elective credit on a high school transcript?"

I've been preparing official high school transcripts for thousands of homeschoolers for over a decade – remember that the only things that you would list on a transcript are courses. Anything that is not a course goes into the personal profile of the application or resume for whatever you are applying for (job, college, military, loan, etc) This is really important to understand – the transcript is not being prepared for anyone except the potential person later in your life who would be requesting it. I have seen transcripts requested for jobs, military, bank loans, and of course college. Certainly not all of these will apply to every person – not every military recruiter will ask for a transcript, but when they do – you had better have one or you won't get any further with them. Not all colleges or employers will ask for a transcript, but in the past decade I have prepared hundreds of transcripts for the most unexpected reasons – yes, even for a first time bank loan!!  You also don't list employment history on the high school transcript. The transcript should be minimal but also not leave the door open for questions (because the person reading it would rather set your transcript aside than pick up the phone or write an email asking questions). Again, the only things "listed" on an official high school transcript are courses.

All that said, child care IS an official high school course in thousands of high schools around the world. It is typically not offered in 9th or 10th grade, so not a good idea to list it in those slots. But certainly for 11th and 12th grade it is an acceptable and widely acknowledged course. The key is "how" you title the course to get the credit acknowledged by whomever would be reading the transcript.  

As a matter of fact, if you stay with the child development for 2 consecutive years, it can qualify you as an honors student (Cum Laude), for 3 years and you could qualify as highest honors (or Summa Cum Laude). In the case of a homeschooler, the parent would order the honors cords, medallion, or robes and present them at graduation, and you would still put "cum laude" on the diploma. Generally for an honors recognition the person reading the transcript will want to see a progression of skills being developed and your course titles should reflect that.


For example:

10th grade – semester A – Early Childhood Education I

10th grade – semester B – Early Childhood Education II

11th grade – semester A – Child Development

11th grade – semester B – Advanced Childhood Development


You can see that there is a progression of skills in this order of the course titles. To find out what is involved with such a course, just google "high school early childhood education programs". This way you can ensure that your student is actually learning something in the process (which you will want to do if you are going to record it on the transcript as a course). Be sure the student writes a final paper on their experience. You will need a letter grade as well as a percentage grade. Childhood development instructors generally count attendance as a huge part of the grade, as well as internship.

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