Diana Waring Retires, Speaks at HECOA


Homeschool News:  Diana Waring Retires, Speaks at HECOA Online Convention

At a spring 2015 homeschool convention in Cincinnati, Diana Waring made this public announcement:

"As of this weekend, aside from special circumstances, I am going to retire from speaking!"   

On her blog, Diana says: "After twenty-six years (27 convention seasons) as a speaker, it is time for an ending and a new beginning."

The blog post takes you on a journey from 1989 to 2015, and what a ride she has had!  One of the most cherished and memorable speakers on the homeschool circuit for more than 27 years, Diana Waring has traveled the world in hopes that all would understand and embrace the concept of freedom that is inherent in the very act of homeschooling.

At Home Education Council of America, we are thrilled for Diana.  She has so many wonderful things ahead of her with writing her long-awaited book, teaching an online history class, and enjoying life.  We wish her endless joy and happiness!!

We are also privileged and honored that Diana Waring – even after retiring from the stage – is still speaking at our ONLINE conferences this year!!   

On June 5th, Diana Waring will present, "History, How to Love it While You Learn it!"

On June 8th, Diana will present with Jay Wile, "Homeschooling, The Environment for Genius"

Both presentations are part of our 2015 National Home Education e-Conference.  To register and see these exclusive LIVE presentations, start here.

Please join us and wish her well!!

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