Easily Integrate Art into Your Homeschool!

Art can be easy to teach! Your homeschool will brighten, and all of your subjects will be enhanced using this a simple method of teaching fine art and art history that integrates into the subjects your children love and into subjects you are already teaching, like science, history, and literature. In this power-packed class, you will learn how to talk to your kids about art and how to give them constructive feedback on their masterpieces. With Suzanne Hanks, you'll also learn why you want to teach the arts and how to add that spice and zest to your homeschool. You will leave with a few art lesson ideas that will energize (and educate) your family.

More about Suzanne Hanks:

Suzanne Hanks

Albert Einstein said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun." Suzanne Hanks has been an artist since she was a little child, much like your children. She has applied creativity in her life as a homeschool parent, as an artist and small business owner, realizing that creativity is simply problem solving. As an artist, she was mentored by artists in northern California, Italy and Wyoming. She has taught art privately, in schools and various organization. Currently, she is working on her artwork, video art curriculum at BringArtHome.com and her project, Preserving Indigenous Arts Project, where she interviews artists who are practicing the art of their cultural heritage and artists who use traditional techniques.Suzanne and her husband, Dave have homeschooled their 4 children for the past 11 years and currently live in very sunny, Gilbert, Arizona.

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