Elocution - 
“Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write.” –John Adams

We teach our kids to read, think and write, but speaking is often missed. Speaking changes the way you read, think and write. Let Martha Levie teach you how to model transformational speaking with your children using a special formula. Come, dare to speak.


Martha Levie

Martha Harsh Levie is the wife of Allen Levie, and the mother of 7 little Levies. Martha was educated at home and at a private school, now she teaches her own children at home. She graduated in Statesmanship and Literature from GWU in 1999. Martha is crazy about books by Jane Austen Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Louis L’Amour. She loves to celebrate birthdays and holidays, climb trees and mountains, read, cook, travel, act with her children, study political philosophy and when September rolls around she has weak spot for fall leaves and college football. Martha and her family live in Provo Utah.

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Martha invites you to join her via email:
austeneer (a t) gmail (dot com)

And to pick up a FREE copy of simulation scenarios here:

Martha Levie

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