Empowering Learning Through Augmented Reality

Presentation about technology in education and its influence on the future of the kids with the focus on AR. There is an information on importance of use of emerging technologies for education as one the main steps to move education from analogue age and catch up with industry revolution 4.0.  This presentation gives a general overview on how AR can be beneficial for both educators as a tool and kids as an educational aid that involves all the senses: audio, visual and kinetic.

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Suzanne Shafford says

Hi – I watched the replay but was unable to try the AR demo because I guess the link to the app was only posted in the live chatbox. Could you repost it here (and maybe extend the duration of the replay) so those of us not watching live can try it out? Thanks!!! This was a really interesting presentation.

    Jen says

    Cleverbooks Geography & Cleverbooks Geometry is what you should search in the app store. I will keep up the replay an extra day. 🙂

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