Enhance Learning with Sensory Layers

This live presentation will air on:

Friday - September 23rd - 3pm Pacific Time

This workshop will be taught in the 2016 Not Back to School Summit - REGISTER HERE for live access!

A teacher who relies only on textbooks is like an artist with only one crayon. It's much easier to create a masterpiece when you acquire a wider range of options! In this workshop session we'll brainstorm multi-sensory layers you can add that will make any lesson more meaningful and more memorable for the students you love.

More about Lynn Dean:

Lynn Dean

Lynn Dean is a veteran homeschool mother of two successful, godly young adults and taught a couple of hundred others over a dozen years as a co-op teacher. She and her husband led their city's support group for three years. She started her own residential design business and is also a published author and illustrator. Sixteen years ago she created Discover Texas, a hands-on history program designed to appeal to all ages and learning styles. As an experienced homeschool conference speaker, she enjoys meeting new homeschool parents and showing them how to encourage their children to become enthusiastic lifestyle learners.

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