Finding (and Maintaining) Peace Amidst Your Homeschooling Challenges

Homeschooling is a great joy - and a great challenge. It brings out the best in all of us, but unfortunately, it can also bring out the worst. How can we, as parents, find and maintain peace within ourselves no matter how hard things get? What are the principles, practices, and tools that will keep us feeling in control of ourselves so we can respond to difficult situations with more kindness, patience, and love? What is the secret to confidently maintaining peace in our hearts so that peace can reign in our homes? 

Join Audrey as she shares principles she has learned in her 25 years of homeschooling that have empowered her to maintain peace amidst her challenges—principles you can begin applying immediately!

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More about Audrey Rindlisbacher:

Audrey Rindlisbacher

Audrey Rindlisbacher is a mother of 6 who is passionate about motherhood, principles, self-education and life mission. Her path has led her through hundreds of the greatest works ever written, onto stages all over the country and into dozens of classrooms where she has shared the tools for principle-centered lifelong learning which lead to the discovery of life mission.

Audrey has a classical liberal arts Bachelor's Degree and is currently completing a Master's of Arts in Education from Harrison Middleton University. Get your FREE copy of her new e-book The Mission Driven Life at

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