Finding the “Why” of Behavior, and What to Do About It

Identifying the needs and deficits your child has in order to parent compassionately and reduce problem behaviors

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More about Cristine Rainer:

Cristine Rainer

Cristine MacDuffee-Rainer
> M.A. Counseling Psychology
> Behavior Therapist (ABA)
> Educational Therapist
> Integrative Life Coach
> Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
> Homeschooling Parent of 6 years
(714) 584-4558

Integrative Learning Success Coaching
Online, In-Home, & Community Services

Orange County Therapy Office

LA County Therapy Office

Homeschool Concierge Community Ambassador Field Trips, Workshops & Classes

Marketing Coordinator at Discovery of Learning

State executive board committee chair at California Homeschool Parents Association, CHPA

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