Fishing for Facts at the Aquarium

By Jen Holmstrom

Dive into another world at the aquarium! The aquarium is one of the most popular destinations for educational field trips. Kids of all ages find sea life fascinating and a trip to the aquarium will feed interest, curiosity, and spark many questions.

The aquarium is overflowing with interesting facts about sea life and ocean plants. Some home educators will take a more relaxed approach and just attend the aquarium, letting their children roam the halls and explore all they have to offer. The aquarium is a perfect place to do this in; with education being an unavoidable side effect. Mere observation of habitats and comparison of species, will leave your children with a deeper understanding of the life that inhabits the majority of the earth.

There are other home educators that like to have a more academic foundation to their field trips. Luckily, there is a plethora of free resources online regarding sea life and aquarium based lesson plans.

Complete Lesson Plans & Curriculum Resources:

It is a good idea to utilize all the educational opportunities provided. Many times the aquariums will have “classrooms” where activity sheets are given out and educators will occasionally share their expertise on some sea life. There is usually a theatre area where an educational movie will play periodically; a valuable opportunity to get some information and to rest your feet. Even if you don’t plan on introducing formal academics at the aquarium, you can collect all the pamphlets available and do a review back at home.

The best part of aquariums is that they offer some type of touch table. This is where guests are able to be truly hands on and feel sea urchins, starfish, sting rays, and other seas creatures. Here the children are able to take part in the underwater playground and can further experience the ocean. The combination of sensory and intrigue is undoubtedly why aquarium visits are some of the most memorable educational trips.

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