Foreign Language Study in the Homeschool

In this class, Amber will talk about the advantages to introducing a foreign language to your children and how you can do it and learn along with them. Learning a foreign language is not nearly as difficult as it seems, and as children, it really is the best time to introduce another language. And it's not too late for you as the parent/teacher to learn a foreign language either. There are lots of things you can do to make it fun and easy for your kids. And it really is so much fun. Plus there is no better way to really learn and understand English grammar than by learning and studying a foreign language! Join Amber as she shares what she has learned about learning languages over the years, and how you can implement a few simple strategies to learn a foreign language this school year!

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More about Amber:

Amber Semerau

Amber is the mother of 8 children including a set of twins ranging in age from 19 - 6.  There has been at least one of the kids homeschooled every year since the first one was born. The oldest finished a successful freshman year at BYU-I as a music major last year, and is headed on a mission to Tahiti for their church this fall.  The second oldest is headed to BYU-I in January.  The other kids are on the same path as their sisters so far, although they are all different and have different interests, strengths and weaknesses. 

It has been a crazy journey for Amber and her family, and it hasn't always gone exactly the way she thought it would- but she had some great people who helped her learn and grow along the way.  The hardest part for her was definitely after her twins #'s 6 & 7 were born.  And now that her baby is 6, and the twins are 8, and she doesn't have to change any more diapers or chase toddlers, she wants to use that time to reach out and encourage other moms as they go through the difficulties and challenges of motherhood and homeschooling, just as good people reached out and encouraged her during some rough times.

Amber and her husband, Ryan, met and got married while they were both students at BYU, and have been happily married for almost 22 years.  Ryan is a computer web developer. Amber is a stay at home mom, with lots of hobbies and side hustles including homeschooling.  She graduated from BYU in Horticulture Science with a Spanish minor, but has really enjoyed all the learning that she has gotten to do through teaching her kids at home.  By far her favorite part of homeschooling is group time when she reads to the kids and they discuss what they read. 

Amber was born in Utah and then lived in California, Texas and Guadalajara, Mexico through her childhood years, when her family then moved back to Utah where she attended high school and college.  After getting married, Amber and Ryan lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, Houston, Utah, New Hampshire, and now they are starting their 3rd year of living out in the countryside of Brittany, France.  

You can connect with Amber on her site at , and connect with her on social media —  Instagram @edpursuitscom ,  Facebook page @educationalpursuitslifestyle —Be sure to say "hi" so she can say "hi" back and get to know you too!

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