Fundamentals of a Libertas Education

This workshop was taught in the 2015 Not Back to School Summit - REGISTER HERE for FREE live access to our next Summit!

There are at least five alternatives to traditional public schooling/education that exist today for homeschoolers (and some Christian, charter, & private institutions): Liber is one of them. Does it offer solutions to some of the most pressing problems, challenges, and issues facing your family? Your community? Your nation/country? Yes. Come find out the what, how, when, where and why!

More about SJ Barakony:

ASJ is the C.E.O (Chief Encouragement Officer), Founder, & Owner of "Service Before Self Leadership".  He has lived in Ohio his entire life, and graduated in 1998 from Ohio Wesleyan University, with a B.A. in Economics/Management (major) + History & Accounting (minors).  He is extremely mission driven, with a well defined purpose, vision, and a burning desire to add value to 10,000 peoples' lives over ten years' time.  He is blessed and fortunate beyond all measure to have numerous mentors in his life who have shaped his ongoing journey from that of a college student in the mid to late '90s; through multiple jobs in various career tracks in corporate America, and finally, to his present day life as an educational innovator, servant leader, friend, & brother/sister to his fellow Christians.  His favorite pastimes/hobbies are traveling; reading (over 170 paper & audio books in the past five years' time ); listening & watching inspirational content (DVD, mp3, audio CD, streaming video, You Tube ); volunteering at his home church; connecting people who may not otherwise have met in the course of time; and being an encourager, edifier, & advocate for all whom he knows.

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