Getting Started – Visions and Variables

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Monday - September 12th - 5pm Pacific time

This workshop will be taught in the 2016 Not Back to School Summit - REGISTER HERE for live access!

Often times families who want to take the homeschooling plunge or are facing a new season in their homeschooling experience are tempted to jump right into the details of choosing curriculum, designing their new learning space, or figuring our other logistics and details. However, while these tasks are important, most parents benefit from FIRST looking at (or reevaluating) the "big picture" points and considerations BEFORE making these kinds of strategic decisions or changes. Join Carol as she helps parents develop their own family vision statement, unpack homeschooling myths, and tackle several big questions that most homeschoolers face at the beginning or during other critical points of their home education journey. Carol will power pack this hour to help families get their arms around much of the WHY & WHAT behind the HOW of home education.

More about Carol Gary:

Carol Gary

Carol Gary has been married to her husband, Grant Gary, for twenty-five years.  They have ardently homeschooled their sons in Phoenix, Arizona since the fall of 2000; two of whom they continue to homeschool through high school and two of whom have gone home to be with the Lord.  She served in the leadership of a large, local support group for twelve years and has personally mentored over seventy-five moms since 2010 through her comprehensive program that she developed titled, "The Balanced Homeschooler."  Carol has also served as the AZ State Ambassador for the Home School Foundation since 2013; helping dozens of homeschooling families persevere through hard times while earning the HSF's top National Service Award four years running.  Graduating with honors, she earned both her B.S. ('90) and M.B.A. ('98) degrees from Grand Canyon University.  As an active alumni, she along with her family devote many additional hours in support of fundraisers and events that benefit GCU as well as their various non-profit foundations.

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