Getting Them to the Bench… and Staying There! Motivating and Inspiring Young Musicians

We all want our children to have the enormous blessing of being able to play the piano, or any instrument, proficiently and joyfully. But why can it be so hard to get kids to want to practice? In this session, Joseph Hoffman will draw upon years of research and practical experience with directing his own music school of 300+ students to share his secrets for motivating kids to not only practice but to ENJOY it, too!

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More about Joseph Hoffman:

Joseph Hoffman

Joseph Hoffman fulfilled his dream of starting a music academy in 2007, two years after graduating with a master's degree in music from Brigham Young University. What began as private piano lessons taught in his living room has since grown to become Hoffman Academy, with a staff of fifteen music teachers who provide piano, voice, and guitar lessons to over 300 students in the Portland, Oregon area. In 2010, Joseph saw a need for affordable, accessible music education and began creating free online video piano lessons, available at , which have garnered millions of views. Through these video lessons, Joseph's own piano method, which combines comprehensive music education, engaging teaching techniques, and emphasis on solid practicing habits, has helped thousands of children and adults all over the world realize their dream of learning to play the piano. Today, his online lessons are used by many homeschoolers as well as part of a comprehensive music education.

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