Getting Your Kids Through the Classics and the Classics Through to Your Kids

Do you have a hard time getting your kids through the Classics? Do you have a hard getting through the Classics yourself? Do you find that even when you do get through them, they don't get through to you? Learn why I ditched the Great Books, how I motivate kids to read the Classics, how I make the classics relevant to kids, and other secrets to getting kids through the classics and classics through kids.

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Christopher Hurtado

​Christopher Hurtado is an Adjunct Instructor of Liberal Arts and Natural Law at Monticello College, Adjunct Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric at Salt Lake Community College, Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy and Political Science at Utah Valley University, and President and CEO of Linguistic Solutions, the developer of the Learn Latin via Aesop's Fables method used at Monticello College, and a polyglot with varying degrees of fluency in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, Latin, German, and Hebrew.

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Lenna A says

That was a fantastic presentation. Completely unscripted and natural. The examples from his own experience were priceless.

Leslie Monroe says

So wonderful! Loved the Samuel Johnson quote! I also really loved what you said about mispronounced words are from my own reading and it’s wonderful!! Thank you, I’ve struggled with that my whole life!

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