Having Principles Conquers Fears and Doubts

Do you struggle with confidence in your ability to teach your children everything they need to know?

This is something that – in working with thousands of new and incoming homeschoolers every year – we at Home Education Council of America are very familiar with.  And most of our fears and doubts stem from the fears that the world instills in us.

The world would have us constantly evaluating whether our children compare with other children their age.  But we need to keep in mind the age old saying:  Comparison is the death of contentment!! 

As homeschoolers, we must stop comparing our children to everyone else's children.  Because comparison actually creates boundaries.  Comparison puts up walls and confines children to learning "boxes".  A 3rd grader should know "this", or a 7th grader should know "that".  But in most public and institutionalized classrooms, that which they "should" know is the limit.  Learning beyond "that" is nearly impossible and the desire to learn beyond "this" is often stifled.

It is only at that point where we stop comparing, that our children can freely learn without boundaries.

We have invited Audrey Rindlisbacher to come and discuss 7 principles to help homeschoolers feel confident and lose the fears and doubts.  Audrey conducted an amazing workshop to teach you these principles.  It was part of our September series, the 2014 Not Back to School Summit

Audrey has a classical liberal arts Bachelor's Degree and is currently pursuing a Master's of Arts in Education from Harrison Middleton University. She teaches study skills and literature at GWU. In addition to founding the Ten Boom Institute, Audrey has served on multiple boards for various organizations. She loves sharing her experiences in educating herself and her 6 children on radio and at seminars, rallies and conventions. Her current passions are running the Ten Boom Institute's FREE Video Blog- with hundreds of book reviews, helps for finding and applying principles, reading tips and great book excerpts- and launching the "Enlightened Minds Mentored Lifelong Learning" Program.

Her workshop replay is now available for upgraded Plus members (you must be logged in):

7 Homeschool Principles to Conquer Your Fears and Doubts and Feel Confident and Successful!
aired Sept 23rd – http://hecoa.com/7-homeschool-principles-to-conquer-fear-and-doubt

Description: Do you ever doubt your ability to be an effective homeschool parent? Do you sometimes wonder if you're doing too much… or too little?! Principles are the answer! Stephen Covey taught, "The internalization of correct principles is the foundation upon which enduring happiness and success are based."  As in every worthwhile endeavor, living true homeschool principles will bring you confidence and success. Using a short list of principles that have worked for thousands of other homeschool families, and exploring their possible applications in your home, you will now have a gauge for success. No more doubting yourself, no more wondering if what you're doing is going to work, no more worrying about whether or not your children will turn out well. Simply live the principles and get the results!



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