Helping Teens Have Confidence in a Chaotic World

These are difficult times and our youth can feel it.  In fact, they are acutely aware of the anxiety and stress that has been mushrooming in our homes over the last year.  Today more than ever it is easy for them to quickly become overwhelmed, disconnected, and unsure.  
  Our role as homeschool parents is absolutely crucial.  We know better than anyone else that the buck stops with us.  We are responsible to give them the belief they need to overcome, to thrive, and to make a difference for good.
  Join us to learn a quick paradigm shift that you can implement right now so that your youth recognize their own greatness, feel more competent, and reconnect with you in a beautiful way.  We will also teach a simple tool to help you practice that paradigm shift each day so that the change in your home becomes brilliant and permanent!

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