Home Not School

Tempted to recreate a classroom in your living room? Let's embrace the properties of home in our children's educations and watch learning flourish! What are the conditions of home that support learning? How can you design your house to enhance learning opportunities? Family culture, “hygge” (the Danish word for coziness), and nurturing connection between parent and child offer the best environment for learning. The brain research says so! Let’s take a look at how you can transform your house into a home of natural learning opportunities.

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More about Julie Bogart:

Julie Bogart

Julie Bogart is the creator of the innovative Brave Writer Writing and Language Arts Curriculum. For 15 years, Brave Writer instructional manuals and online classes have enriched the homeschooling lives of over 16,000 families. Brave Writer exists to foster a nurturing relationship between homeschooling parent and child while creating a safe environment for writing growth. The Brave Writer program brings a fresh point of view to the writing process. Rather than emphasizing format writing as the key to success, Brave Writer's materials and instructors facilitate the emergence of authentic writing voice in your children. Once children have access to the language, insights, and ideas locked within, they easily learn a variety of writing genres, including the rigorous academic formats of high school and college. Julie's professional background includes freelance writing, magazine and book editing, and ghost-writing. She's authored and supervised the development of all original Brave Writer materials, as well as having homeschooled her five children for 17 years. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. www.bravewriter.com

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