Homeschool programming for kids

Have you been looking for something to teach your kids programming? 

Even if your child isn't planning to be a programmer, in today's technological world, it is essential for any business to have an online presence.  When looking for a job, employers are more likely to review the online profiles of potential candidates before making that final hiring decision.  It's essential that a candidate's profile stands out above all the rest.

As a small business owner, I can tell you that hiring people to do simple things on a website such as create a new page or a button can be expensive and take longer than it would if you just did it yourself.  Because I have learned simple coding (not extensive by any means, just a few things to make my life easier) I have saved time and money.  But in that context, I have also spent long and grueling hours in front of the computer wishing that I knew more!!  Although there are some great plug-and-play website templates available, they don't have everything to make your website function the way you want.  Understanding simple code helps!

So in September 2014, during the  2014 Not Back to School Summit, I invited Chris Yust to share with the homeschool community some cool ideas for teaching programming to kids.

Chris is a 17-year veteran of the software industry and a father of two homeschooled boys.  Chris and his wife Andrea are co-authors of eight computer programming textbooks for kids and teens.  They believe today’s students deserve fun, engaging opportunities to learn cutting-edge technical subjects – even if their parents aren’t comfortable teaching the material on their own!  Chris frequently speaks at homeschool conventions, motivating students to consider a Computer Science career.  His website is:

He conducted TWO sessions for HECOA members, and the replays of those sessions are now available for upgraded Plus members

Here are his free seminars and the links to their replay pages (you will need to be logged in as a Plus member):

Workshop: Hands-On Website Design for Kids
Aired Sept 9th –

Description: Have your kids ever asked how they can create their own web pages? This is a great introductory Computer Science topic that can be offered by nearly all families, even if you consider yourself a computer novice.  Join Chris Yust from Homeschool Programming for a discussion on how your students can quickly learn the fundamentals of HTML.  We’ll conduct a live demonstration of the simple tools and techniques that everyone can use to make their own creative websites. Let's spark a love for computers in your student!

Workshop: Bringing Computer Science to Your Classroom
Aired Sept 12th –

Description: Do your students love computers, or are they thinking about a computer career?  Do you need a high-quality computer science elective for a transcript?  How can you provide a computer science education for your students when you aren't an expert yourself?  Join us for a discussion about computer science, related college degrees, and today's high-demand software job market.  We'll show how 4th – 12th grade students can learn what makes computer software really work and even write their own computer programs, websites, and video games!





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