Homeschooling High School Math: Getting Ready For The Future

This live presentation will air on:

Wednesday - September 14th - 9am Pacific time

This workshop will be taught in the 2016 Not Back to School Summit - REGISTER HERE for live access!

Nearly everyday, as a founder of UnLock Math, I speak with parents who are navigating math in the middle & high school years. This is the time that most homeschool parents fear. With the right approach it can be the most rewarding & enjoyable. I'll speak from the dual perspective of having been homeschooled as a student AND advising parents on successful paths for their children. Whether your student(s) knows where they're headed (university, college, trade school, etc.) or not, whether you're to these years yet or not, my goal is to leave you with something of value, the perspective & tools needed to have a high school home run!

More about Matthew Blackwood:

Matthew Blackwood

Matthew Blackwood has been involved in Homeschooling since 1981 when his mother saw John Holt, a pioneer of the modern homeschooling/unschooling movement, on the Phil Donahue show. Matthew brings the unique perspective of being both a homeschool graduate and also a homeschool parent. He and wife Alesia (fellow homeschool alum) homeschool their 3 children and expect number 4 to make it's arrival Jan 2016. Matthew & Alesia are also the founders of UnLock Math, Inc. Founded in 2013 UnLock Math serves a growing community of students around the globe with an interactive online math curriculum for middle & high school that "Brings the Math Teacher right into your home".