Homeschooling the Sensory Intense Child

Does your child bounce constantly? Will your child refuse to touch scissors or even their pencil? We discuss Sensory Integration Disorder and what it means to our homeschooling. Practical advice and ideas from a mom who has lived on the sensory roller coaster for years, and if pushed I would have to admit to having sensory issues myself. How to adapt your learning environment to help your child thrive!

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More about Heather Laurie:

Heather Laurie and her husband Christopher have been homeschooling for over 13 years.  She began the very popular website, Special Needs Homeschooling because 4 of her 5 children were diagnosed with autism.  Later the Laurie's discovered Heather and all 5 of the children also have a genetic disease called mitochondrial disease.  It is life shortening and progressive in nature, and Heather is often homeschooling her children from a hospital bed in her living room.  Their homeschooling life is filled with therapy, doctor’s appointments, and behavioral issues that many just don’t understand.   Her hope is to encourage and support special needs homeschooling families.  She shares joyful encouragement for homeschooling through very tough times, always giving glory to God. Heather provides real support for special needs homeschooling families, whether they are just considering homeschooling or they have already been homeschooling and they just need new foundations or new direction or ideas.  

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