How (and Why) to Teach Shakespeare in Your Homeschool

Do you want to teach your kids (and maybe learn for yourself) about Shakespeare's works, but feel the subject is too intimidating to teach at home? Or maybe you just don't understand what the big deal is about Shakespeare, and want to know why someone would need to know anything about an old English writer or his plays.
We will cover both subjects in this fun and inspiring class that will help you teach​your own children​about​t​he​famous ​"Bard of Avon​​,​"​ William Shakespeare.

More about Rachel Keppner:

Rachel Keppner

Rachel Keppner is the mother of thirteen children, and has been homeschooling her own since 1998. She's also been teaching youth in her homeschool community since 2006. ​Two of her children have high-functioning autism and that has provided unique blessings, as well as struggles. She is active in her homeschool community and enjoys public speaking, writing curriculum, teaching teen Shakespeare classes, directing plays and choirs, designing and sewing Renaissance costumes, building her home business, singing with her community choir, and reading aloud with her family. After teaching Shakespeare classes in several homeschool groups, and directing Shakespeare plays with these same groups, she started offering training and products for other Shakespeare co-op teachers with her "Youth Experiencing Shakespeare" curricula at:

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Dorothy O says

This was wonderful, thank you! BBC Shakespeare is available on Amazon for rent, $1.99.

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