How Do I Teach This Kid?

Everywhere a homeschooling mom turns, there seems to be one more book about some flavor of four learning styles. But these existing assessments never seemed to fully help in the Gary household, so Carol developed a list of her own! Is your child one who learns "inside the box" or "outside the box"? Perhaps your student learns while "staring at the box" or even "talking to the box". In Carol's home, all four of these learners (Moving, Structured, Analytical, and Community) are represented as either primary or secondary learning styles, so she has seen it all! Come and learn how you don't need to purchase a separate curriculum for every possible learning style combination. You can employ strategies that will work for each student while keeping your sanity and learning more about your child's uniqueness and areas for development along the way.

More about Carol Gary:

Carol Gary

Carol Gary has been married to her husband, Grant Gary, for twenty-five years.  They have ardently homeschooled their sons in Phoenix, Arizona since the fall of 2000; two of whom they continue to homeschool through high school and two of whom have gone home to be with the Lord.  She served in the leadership of a large, local support group for twelve years and has personally mentored over seventy-five moms since 2010 through her comprehensive program that she developed titled, "The Balanced Homeschooler."  Carol has also served as the AZ State Ambassador for the Home School Foundation since 2013; helping dozens of homeschooling families persevere through hard times while earning the HSF's top National Service Award four years running.  Graduating with honors, she earned both her B.S. ('90) and M.B.A. ('98) degrees from Grand Canyon University.  As an active alumni, she along with her family devote many additional hours in support of fundraisers and events that benefit GCU as well as their various non-profit foundations.

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