How to Finish the 1,000 Piece History Puzzle

Can you imagine trying to understand a novel by reading only portions of chapters in random order? Such an approach would produce a disjointed, confused result. Sadly, the study of history is often conducted in a similar manner. In this seminar, you'll discover how to study history both chronologically and comprehensively using a timeline, the library, and the internet.

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Ellen Gerwitz

Ellen Gerwitz has been a homeschooler since 1989, has served as a homeschool leader, speaker, and mentor for more than 20 years in New York, and is passionate about helping others to homeschool successfully. Always obedient to God's promptings, Ellen started her own homeschool support company, Honour of Kings, which offers highly acclaimed Spanish courses for homeschoolers, and a comprehensive and biblically-based history curriculum. She has published four books, with two more in the works, teaches ESL for a French company in her spare time, and she and her husband Matthew joyfully participate in the homeschooling of their four grandchildren.

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