How to make a homemade whiteboard

Many people who homeschool use visual aides.  Whiteboards are just so expensive to buy, why not make one yourself? 

You can get as simple or as elaborate as you want to with this, explore and plan the whiteboard that will best fit your family needs and your budget!


Sheet protector – genius!

I learned about this one when I attended a "how to lead music" class.  The instructor handed out dry erase markers and a piece of 12×12 inch cardstock tucked into a clear sheet protector to everyone. 

As a homeschooler, I had a difficult time concentrating on the class because all I could think about was how to share this idea with the homeschool world!! 

What a great way to take homeschooling on the road as well.  Who needs to drag around a bulky white board when you can use sheet protectors just as easily?


With this inexpensive option, you could use any size sheet protector and any size paper that fits inside. 


It's also a genius way to let kiddos practice letters on worksheets or to save worksheets for future kiddos!



Showerboard – cheap or extra fancy, your choice

I've seen people simply buy the piece of showerboard (found at the home improvement store) and nail it to the wall, or cut it up into pieces for each of their kids.  To "soften" the edges people have used duct tape or electrical tape.  And I've also seen people (myself included) take that showerboard and make more elaborate contraptions with painted boards or other decorative trim.


Mine was built by my husband (no I don't have a photo).  I first showed him the photo of the $250 whiteboard on wheels that I wanted to purchase.  He said "I can make that for about $80".  With wheels?  Yes, with wheels.  Mine was double sided, with an axle in the middle that allowed me to rotate the board without moving it, AND he put a piece of sheet metal between the two pieces of showerboard so that it was now magnetic.  I love him so much and that piece of furniture was moved around my house for years and very well used.  We even used it at Christmas parties to keep score in the games.

A friend of mine converted her schoolroom into a schoolroom/guestroom and installed Murphy beds, with her dry erase boards (made from showerboard) on the back of the bed so that when the beds were up in the wall, you could write on the board.  Beautiful!

You can use electrical tape or decorative tape to make calendars, columns for any purpose, etc. Are your creative juices flowing??

Some people buy the showerboard and cut it to fit an old picture frame (glass removed of course).  Makes it pretty and still very inexpensive.  Which brings us to……


Picture Frames

But an even less expensive way to do it, is to put some kind of light colored paper or scrapbook paper behind the glass of a frame and use the glass itself as a whiteboard. If you are okay with having glass, go for it!  You can get picture frames at the dollar store or nice pretty wooden ones at garage sales and paint them, personalize them, etc.



What creative ideas can you share about presentation boards?