Increase Memory with Symbology

Did your child forget everything he learned yesterday?  How can you increase memory and comprehension?

Many parents write in to us asking about this topic – how to help their children remember what is taught.  And even parents themselves often have difficulty remembering important things.

There are so many aspects to memorization and numerous philosophies and teachings on the subject.  But one that is particularly interesting, and proves to be less intimidating, is the use of symbols to help you remember.

When you are driving, you see signs on the road with symbols on them.  The symbols tell you which direction to go in, when to slow down, what to expect up ahead.  And most people understand the symbols because they have seen them repeatedly through their life.

We see symbols on bathroom doors to tell us which one is for women and which one is for men.  We see symbols on food packaging that we recognize as safe, or even symbols we have learned not to trust.

Sometimes the symbols are not as easy recognizable because we have not had training in how to recognize the important ones.  The ones that help guide our path in spirituality and reason.

We have invited a true expert in symbology – Tresta Neil – to come and share with you how to teach symbology to help your children remember and retain more of the things which they learn. This presentation will extend to FIVE 90 minute sessions, all part of our September event, the 2014 Not Back to School Summit. This 5-day workshop is an amazing complement to the 30 speakers and more than 65 homeschool sessions, which were all FREE during the live event.

As a girl, Tresta's passion was pretending she was a mommy.  When she became a mommy of four children (within 4 1/2 years) she decided that if this (diapers, repetitive movies, huge messes, no social life, etc.) was what motherhood was all about then she wanted OUT!  So when Thom, her husband asked if she would homeschool their children she thought either he had lost his marbles or she had officially graduated from the "Nut House."  Now 15 years later she can't talk enough about homeschooling and she LOVES being a mother of eight children.  Thom and Tresta are co-creators of Keystone Connections, specializing in placing God at the center of ALL learning and building the love within the home. Her greatest passion is once again being a MOMMY along with learning symbolism and teaching!

NOTE:  This 5-day course is very heavy into biblical symbols.

Tresta's fantastic 5-day workshop is now available for replay for upgraded Plus members (you will need to be logged in):

Symbology, increasing your memory and comprehension
Five 90 minute sessions –

Why can’t he remember what I taught him?  He should know his times tables by now!  What is one thing you can do to increase memory and/or comprehension?  Learn symbology!! In this class we will learn basic, simple symbols, the practical uses and the individual application of basic shapes and colors.  You will discover the necessity of sequence and order.  Each class will be one and a half hours for five days, as if it is a continual story:

  •  First day:  one simple tool:  storytelling
  •  Second day:  two very big opposites that effect your decisions
  •  Third day:  three: the catalyst in many situations
  •  Fourth day:  four elements that make up our thought process
  •  Fifth day:  five steps to solve any problem

These concepts appear to be simple and perhaps even shallow but I can guarantee that they are amazing and can be very deep.  You and your children will be blown away at the concepts these simple symbols can have in your life.   They will help increase comprehension in any age, bring greater understanding, improve memory and develop personalized application.  The principles taught are personal and can be life changing (for the better).  In preparation for this class you may read the first chapter in “String, Straightedge and Shadow” and for the fifth class watch Donald Duck: Mathmagic Land,

You will:

  •  receive 5 ways to find symbols and links in everything you study
  •  gain a greater love for math and science
  •  learn a bit about the history of mathematics and the Hebrew language
  •  learn how to think mathematically and in symbols
  •  learn how music and math and the constellations are connected
  •  learn how to use simple symbols to increase your comprehension

Beware:  This class may change how you see everything!  You will want to have a math compass, pencil, straight edge, and some paper for these sessions!!


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