Math Anxiety – End the Math Struggle

Math Anxiety - Tools and Tips to End the Math Struggle

Presentation by Alesia Blackwood

Math can be a subject that instills fear in children and parents alike. Learn how to end the tears. End the struggle. And end the Anxiety.

In this session, Alesia will discuss the beginnings of math anxiety and then strategies to help your child overcome that fear. Based on her extensive teaching experience, Alesia will explain how she helps even long-time math haters conquer their math anxiety.

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Jay Wile

Alesia Blackwood

Alesia along with husband Matthew founded UnLock Math, a cloud based math program designed to take stress & frustration out of the math equation for homeschool families like their own. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer Science and a Bachelor of Education. Alesia has been married for 12 years to the love of her life and has 3 beautiful children, Gabriel 9, Taiven 7, and Samaya an adorable "me too" 2.  She was homeschooled herself and has chosen the same path for her own children.  You can learn more about Unlock Math at

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