Math is What You Make of It

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You probably know at least one "Johnny who can't count" - but overall people do more incredible science, technology, engineering, and mathematics than ever before in history. In the big scheme of things, we are doing great in math. But still there is a lot of pain and suffering.

As parents, how do we help our children grow their mathematical understanding? How do we help the next generation see the beauty and joy of math? How do we use math as a source of freedom and power in our communities? How can we work through our own math grief? Let us figure it out, together.

More about Maria Droujkova:

Dr. Maria Droujkova creates beautiful, meaningful, and joyful ways to teach and learn mathematics. She works with diverse learners and situations, such as early algebra and calculus with family groups, mathematical circles, and online courses. Maria is the founder of several online educational communities, including the Natural Math network and Math Future interest group.

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lisa wesley says

my son is 8 yrs old and has auditory processing and ADD. as a result, he struggles with retaining math facts. however, he excels in art and his work reflects his ability to see things in 2-d 3-d dimensional form. how can i bridge his strength of perception into math ?

Rachel Clarkson says

Wow, thank you so much Maria and thank you so much Diane for this presentation! I have always felt I wanted to teach Maths in a natural and fun way but felt very alone and lacking a theoretical framework and resources to guide me.  Your ideas have totally changed the way I will teach Maths! I started watching your presentation while I did jobs in the kitchen but I ended up sitting at the table furiously scribbling down notes. The idea of easy complexity is just pure genius! And so many great hands on resources too – I can't wait to get surfing the internet and reading.   Thank you again.




Shandra says

Links to the resources would be great.

Maggie Cain says

Thank you so much for this inspiring discussion!  It was so easy to find all of the resources you mentioned.  I hope to include many of your ideas in our homeschool math program.

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