Models of Excellence: Why Johnny will never be a John Adams unless he reads what John Adams read

Much has been said in the homeschooling community about Thomas Jefferson’s education, the same classical education John Adams and most of the other American founding fathers had, as a model of excellence. Lists of Classics have been made available for Johnny to read. But why, exactly? Why read what the American founding fathers read? What, exactly, did they get out of reading the Classics? Who were their models of excellence and what did they learn from them? Their reading of history alone reveals a number of lessons they learned from the ancient Greek and Roman historians which they applied in the American founding: lessons from Sparta, the Persian Wars, the fall of Greece to Macedon and Rome, the rise and fall of the Roman Republic, and the rise of the Roman Empire. These lessons are still relevant today. There are no shortcuts to learning them; they cannot be learned from this presentation. But this presentation will teach you what these lessons are and how to learn them.

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Christopher Hurtado

​Christopher Hurtado is an Adjunct Instructor of Liberal Arts and Natural Law at Monticello College, Adjunct Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric at Salt Lake Community College, Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy and Political Science at Utah Valley University, and President and CEO of Linguistic Solutions, the developer of the Learn Latin via Aesop's Fables method used at Monticello College, and a polyglot with varying degrees of fluency in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, Latin, German, and Hebrew.

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Great presentation. What a great wealth of knowledge of history and language this present or has demonstrated!

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