Completed Presentations

Christopher Hurtado
Friday, Sept 20 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

A Classical Education? You’ve Got This!

Do you feel alone, anxious, or incapable of homeschooling your child, yet alone of giving him or her a classical education? You’re not alone! Many homeschool parents feel or have felt the same way! Anxiety stems from fear and fear from ignorance. Love of your child and of learning are the antidote to the fear at the root of your anxiety, and you already have both: a love of your child and of learning. Both are a natural part of you. “All humans by nature desire to know” (Aristotle). Your human; nothing human is alien to you (Terence). As for capability, is your child able to read? If not, are you? If you’re able to read (even if your child is not), you have all the capability you need for a classical education. You’ve got this! This is homeschooling. All you need is to read. Your alma mater is books. And so is your child’s. Now all you need to know is what to read and why. Again, you’re not alone! I’ve got you covered! You’ve got this! Let’s get you started!

Donna Goff
Friday, Sept 20 at 2pm Pacific
(3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

Homeschooling Soup to Nuts

Everything you need for a homeschool Victory!

Steve Demme
Monday, Sept 9 at 8am Pacific
(9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern)

I Don’t Feel Qualified to Teach My Children

As a parent, you are uniquely qualified to be the primary educator of your children. You have more assets than you realize. Listen and be encouraged by a homeschooling father of four sons who are now in their thirties. 

Greg Denning
Monday, Sept 9 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

How to Build and Maintain an Extraordinary Marriage While Homeschooling

Are you are your spouse still best friends? Have you lost some of the spark and passion that was once there? It can be very challenging to build and maintain an extraordinary marriage while you're raising your children AND running a homeschool. Come discover proven strategies to strengthen your marriage and bring back the romance! It'll improve every part of your family life, including your homeschooling.

Jillian Newkirk
Monday, Sept 9 at 2pm Pacific
(3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

Consequences: What to do, avoid, and why they are so important

I'm going to reference the video below in my talk...

Jean Burk
Tuesday, Sept 10 at 8am Pacific
(9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern)

Build An Amazing Homeschool Transcript

(Don’t fear the high school years but learn little-known information that can give your student an edge.)  There is only ONE secret ingredient to giving credibility to a homeschool transcript. If you don’t know it, author Jean Burk will share the answer in this incredible lecture. Discover the insider criteria that Harvard uses to judge applicants and why summer break needs to be more than just a vacation. Learn the differences between AP, Dual Enrollment, and CLEP courses and the pros and cons of adding them to your schedule. Find out about the 3-Tier credit plan, so you can correctly build a portfolio that will impress any admissions counselor. If your kids are planning to go to college, you cannot afford to miss this engagement.

Greg Denning
Tuesday, Sept 10 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

How to MAKE SURE Your Teens are Ready to Launch into Life

We are all witnessing (and even experiencing) a massive 'failure to launch epidemic' among youth and young adults. Really smart, really good youth are failing to launch into life successfully. Most of what is happening is preventable and there are simple things we can all do to prepare our children to launch successfully into life. Part of the solution is parenting, and the other part is what youth MUST be doing on a consistent basis. Come discover the simple strategies and proven principles that work!

Audrey Rindlisbacher
Tuesday, Sept 10 at 2pm Pacific
(3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

Raising Children of Unshakable Faith

You may be like so many homeschooling parents who have chosen to teach their children at home not only to improve the quality of their education, but to also buoy up their faith in God. You already know that reading about God-fearing people will help them on that path, but did you also know that there are fundamental paradigms about faith that you can learn and teach your children which will create a solid foundation for their faith? Join me to discover tools and approaches to learning that will empower you to raise children of unshakable faith!

Christine Owens
Wednesday, Sept 11 at 8am Pacific
(9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern)

Unlocking the Secrets in Books and Life’s Hidden Curriculum

When your holding a book, an entire world is at your finger tips. Free yourself from time consuming lesson planning. Learn how to embrace curiosity and your child’s interests. You don’t need a pricy curriculum to provide a rich education. With a little help, you will be able to take a read aloud, or a simple picture book, and turn it into a lesson on chemistry, math, history, geography and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how your read aloud time can be more than just story time.

Amber Semerau
Wednesday, Sept 11 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

How to Organize Your Homeschool and Keep Your Kids Motivated

​We will talk about creating an overall homeschool plan, setting goals, making priorities and then scheduling it out.  We will talk about different ways to set up your homeschool, how to make sure the kids know what they need to do, how to also fit in chores, and how to make it so you don’t get burned out.  How to keep the excitement there and how to keep going when the going gets tough!

John Owens
Wednesday, Sept 11 at 2pm Pacific
(3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

Making Music Together: How to Raise Musically Insightful Kids

Do you want a music education for your kids without emptying your wallet? Do you feel that you lack the skills to teach music to your kids? Does it seem like there is much more to music than just instrument lessons? Music is a vital part of a child’s identity, education, and life. The music and musical experiences children encounter everyday shape their understanding of the world. Whether you have no musical abilities or are an accomplished musician, this session will show you how to build a musically rich home, stimulate musically insightful kids, foster a lifelong interest in music, and experience music naturally.

Monica Irvine
Thursday, Sept 12 at 8am Pacific
(9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern)

Raising our Boys to Be True Gentlemen

Parents, this is such an important workshop if you are raising boys & girls! We’ve got to do all that we can to help our boys understand that these life skills will directly impact every part of their life, both personally and professionally. These skills change lives and contribute to happier, healthier and more stable relationships. These skills are essential for true success. However, we also must ensure that our daughters know what a gentleman looks like so they will know how to find one someday. Dads, you will be so grateful you attended this as well. You can’t raise a gentleman if you’re not a gentleman. Let’s make sure we are. Don’t miss this!

Greg Denning
Thursday, Sept 12 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

Avoiding and Overcoming Addiction and Distraction in Your Home

All of us are bombarded daily with distraction and addiction. Good people are regularly exposed to bad things, or even good things that end up consuming and controlling our thoughts, emotions and habits. Come learn effective strategies to regain control of your time and habits, and discover how to help your family avoid or overcome addiction and distraction.

Brook Wayne
Thursday, Sept 12 at 2pm Pacific
(3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

Teaching Several Grades at Once

Teaching several grade levels all together can seem daunting, however, what might at first appear to be overwhelming can be turned into a benefit in your homeschool. Let's look together at planning ahead, group teaching, leading older children in sharing knowledge and ideas that bring the family together.

Saar Shai
Friday, Sept 13 at 8am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

Curiosity - Unschooling for Everyone

We will explore the desire to know - how to use it as a teaching tool and a learning skills, and how it is at the heart of unschooling, no matter how you choose to do it. We will be taking a closer look into curiosity, that intrinsic driver that's becoming one of the most important assets in the world of tomorrow, and an impulse that not only contributes to our kids' achievement, but also fuels their joy and personal growth.

Jill Stowell
Friday, Sept 13 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

The Homeschool Parent's Not-Back-To-School Survival Guide

Get yourself and your child organized and ready to successfully start school and navigate more easily through the entire school year.
* 7 Must-Dos to Avoid Schoolwork Battles
* Feed your Child for Success
* How your Calendar can Keep you Sane
* Don't Let Seasonal Challenges Surprise You
* Favorite Strategies for Working with Your Child

Carol Gary
Friday, Sept 13 at 2pm Pacific
(3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

Evaluating Curriculum Choices

Choosing curriculum can sometimes be so daunting that families give up the idea of homeschooling before they even begin. Don’t let this happen to you! Instead, attend this session and receive an overview of several common teaching approaches and solid curriculum examples that relate to each of them. More importantly, Carol will also share her “Four C’s” plan to help jump start your list of criteria for selecting and evaluating your curriculum choices. Please note that the full discussion of this topic is covered in chapters two and three of her comprehensive mentoring program, The Balanced Homeschooler.

Andrew Pudewa
Monday, Sept 16 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

However Perfectly Imperfect: Lessons Learned From Three Decades of Teaching

In this talk, Andrew shares many humorous experiences (and painful lessons) he has learned over thirty years of teaching and homeschooling, including: It's hard not to do to your kids what was done to you; Process over product; All kids are different; "Progressive" education doesn't mean progress; What real "college and career readiness" is, and two secret keys to successful teaching. You will be challenged or reassured (or both!) but sure to leave with an expanded vision of your calling as a homeschooling educator.

SJ Barakony
Monday, Sept 16 at 2pm Pacific
(3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

Home Education's Many Philosophies: A Walk Through

Parents & grandparents: You've made the choice (long ago .. Recently) , are about to, or are still thinking it through if home school/education is the best for your most precious assets, your child(ren).
Have you ever had a virtual 45-50 min tour of all the many choices you can make, based on your own (or your kid(s) personality/social style? Interests? Future plans?
Allow SJ, the founder of SBSL: An Educational Solutions Provider , offer you a buffet of content which will aid you in your decision making for the short & long term.

Jenny Layton
Wednesday, Sept 18 at 8am Pacific
(9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern)

Get Organized with the Go-To Formula

Overwhelmed? Drowning in clutter? Ready to reclaim some control? Discover why getting organized hasn’t worked in the past and learn a simple tool to help you organize ANYTHING! 

​Nicholeen Peck
Wednesday, Sept 18 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

When Children Take Responsibility For Homeschool Success

It's totally possible! Children can learn how to direct their own education. Of course it isn't something that will be fully happening at age 5. But, at age 5, and all the years beyond, there are vital things parents can do to help their children take ownership of their own education. This feeling of personal responsibility will improve time management and increase learning motivation. Join me for a session all about how to help them find the power that comes from knowing where they are going and developing the relationships to get them there.

Nicholeen Peck
Thursday, Sept 19 at 8am Pacific
(9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern)

Changing Children's Hearts and Behaviors By Teaching Self-Government

They aren’t perfect, and neither am I. But, parenting isn’t about being perfect. And, there is no such thing as a perfect child. Of course lack of perfection doesn't dismiss the fact that some parenting methods create more calmness and connection than others. This session will instruct on how to help children have a change of heart while also helping them desire a change of behavior. They can have both a soft heart and good behaviors; even as teens. No matter the age, this class will help parents and children improve their communications and connections by improving their own self-government. 

Patrick Nurre
Thursday, Sept 19 at 11am Pacific
(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

Unapologetically Scientific (Biblically oriented) 

Home education provides such a wonderful opportunity when it comes to studying all that the world of science has to offer. What’s more, you can approach it from the view that everything we see was planned carefully by a Creator who meant to be included in that study. 

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