Not Back to School Celebration

While everyone else is getting in to the drudgery of being locked inside four walls for 6 to 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, enduring whatever trials they endure, homeschoolers all over the world are celebrating the month of September as NOT BACK TO SCHOOL MONTH!

At HECOA, we host an annual online homeschool summit during September - it is completely FREE and completely ONLINE and features 30 amazing speakers and nearly 50 homeschool workshops and seminars. It runs from September 8-26!!

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What does NOT Back to School mean?

Interesting question!  It means different things to different people.

We asked our members what it means to them, and received the following four photos with captions.  We then asked visitors to vote for the one that you think is the BEST depiction of the phrase "NOT Back to School".   Congratulations to the Hellewell Family, who won a $100 Amazon Gift Card for having the most votes!  We are giving away a $100 Amazon gift card to the winning photo.  But we also gave a $25 gift card to a random voter, which was Stefani Stef!  

Entry #1 - The George Family

Not Back to School means Chillin' with Ben!

Christina George

Entry #2 - The Stephens Family

This is a photo in front of the parliament building in Ottawa.  We took a trip to our Capitol while public schools started up.  We enjoyed several educational tours while there and the view from the top of the peace tower in the centre of the photo was spectacular!  The kids felt it was a very serious place that needed a moment of silliness!

Cheryl Stephens

Entry #3 - The Hellewell Family - Winner!!

Not back to school for us means that there are more smiles, giggles, tantrums, camp outs, tickle fights, home cooked meals, books to enjoy, sunsets and sunrises to watch together, ah-ha moments to witness and obstacles worth tackling because we are lucky enough to teach these lovely children at home.

Amber Hellewell

Entry #4 - The Yates Family

What not back to school looks like to us!

Jillian Yates