Nourishing Hope: How to Help a Child with Autism or ADHD to Improve Through Nutrition and Diet

This workshop was presented in the 2014 Special Needs Conference which was a free live online conference, and is now Plus members-only content.

Julie Matthews

Julie Matthews

About Julie Matthews:

Wife to a US Marine, and mother of Connor, 5, who is recovered from autism, Maria used to work in health care but discovered on her journey with Connor that true health care really begins at home. She is a second generation member of the Thinking Moms Revolution and a co-author of the book Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing. Since her marriage in 2006, Maria has traveled from North Carolina to Okinawa, Japan where her then 18 month son received an autism diagnosis. She now advocates for improved access to effective treatments for autism and strives to keep autism at bay in her youngest son, Cash.

"Nourishing Hope: How to Help a Child with Autism or ADHD to Improve Through Nutrition and Diet"

Because body and brain are connected, you can improve or eliminate symptoms of autism and ADHD by giving special attention to the food and nutrition children receive. This presentation is about using scientific research, practical knowledge, and individualized insight to help discern, customize, and apply the most supportive food and nutrition plan for each child: Gluten-free casein-free, SCD, GAPS Diet, Paleo, Low oxalate, Body Ecology, Failsafe, Feingold, and more. There is no one-size-fits-all dietary program, each child is unique with individual biochemical needs and requires a unique bio-individual nutrition approach. For those newly diagnosed, addressing nutrition and food choices can support your early intervention strategies helping you make the most out of learning and behavioral therapies.

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