Order in the Home

This webinar was broadcast as our January 2017 monthly featured speaker

January 2017 Featured Speaker:

Debi Tonks

Order in the Home!

Is it possible to have a clean home even when you homeschool? You bet it is! Learn how to structure your time, stuff, and behavior to encourage growth and involvement in your children. Find out how to guide them from whining about chores to helping willingly, and what is possible once your home and day are organized. Yes, this method even works with toddlers!

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More about Debi Tonks:

Debi Tonks

Debi Tonks is a mother of four active kids of separate, strong personalities, two have special needs. When she found herself homeschooling these four very different children in her in-law's basement during her husband's unemployment, she knew she had to find a way to get on top of everything or drown in the process! What emerged was a flexible system that keeps things flowing, keeps her kids happy, and keeps her (typically scatterbrained) mind clear and focused. Two houses later, and with the system still working strong for her, she now teaches other women how to design and build systems that work for them.

Debi's website:  http://www.thedomesticninja.com/

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Eva J says

Hi Debi! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas on how to organize cleaning and how to teach cleaning. I wish I learned this when my kids were in the 'play stage' as I can see how much fun we would have had with your games. Thanks for teaching about the zones, and explaining the different types of cleaning. 😀

PS Loved the Four Little Pig story. 🙂

Amanda C says

I would Love to win the $200 Not Back to School Summit Prize for Art Supplies and Books!

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