Planning and goal setting with a special needs child

This workshop was presented in the 2016 Special Needs Conference - December 7, 2016

Planning your Homeschooling Special Needs Journey

Homeschooling an exceptional child is a journey. What do you need to know to get to your destination? Your child struggles with some part of learning, or perhaps has given up. How do you establish wise goals? How will you tell when you’ve reached them? Learn how to work around areas of weakness, strengthen them, and adapt curriculum. Get tips on how to help you and your child keep going.

More about Kathy Kuhl:

Kathy Kuhl helps parents help children with challenges. After homeschooling her son with learning disabilities, she wrote Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner, a handbook for helping children with challenges, including learning disabilities, attention deficit, autism, and giftedness. This book is based on interviews with 64 families homeschooling children with learning challenges, and on her own research and personal experience. Kathy speaks at homeschool conferences internationally and advises families through her blog, magazine articles, and additional books she has written.

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