Prepare Your Children For The Rapidly Changing NEW Economy

We are experiencing the most dramatic changes in the workplace since the Industrial Revolution. The days of graduating high school or college, getting a job, and working there for 40 years before retiring and collecting a pension is already a thing of the past. We are on the brink of a revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. I'll show you how you can prepare your children for this rapidly changing landscape so that they can adapt, innovate, and thrive!

More about Matthew Blackwood:

Matthew Blackwood

Matthew Blackwood has been involved in Homeschooling since 1981 when his mother saw John Holt, a pioneer of the modern homeschooling/unschooling movement, on the Phil Donahue show. Matthew brings the unique perspective of being both a homeschool graduate and also a homeschool parent. He and wife Alesia (fellow homeschool alum) homeschool their 3 children and expect number 4 to make it's arrival Jan 2016. Matthew & Alesia are also the founders of UnLock Math, Inc. Founded in 2013 UnLock Math serves a growing community of students around the globe with an interactive online math curriculum for middle & high school that "Brings the Math Teacher right into your home".

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Eva J says

Hi Mr. Holt! i enjoyed your program. Thank you very, very much for guiding me with my son’s class selection and well, making available your resources should we need to broaden our math horizons. Thanks again!

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