Rebooting the Way You Respond to Your Child

We will discuss common phrases parents use and explore why they don't work, what to say instead, and how these "reboots" allow your child to be more cooperative.

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More about Jillian Newkirk:

Jillian Newkirk

Meet Jillian Newkirk, LCPC, MSEd, Type 73, Founder of Fly on the Wall Counseling
I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (with a Master’s Degree in Counseling) and expert in child behavior. For years, was a child therapist for children with severe behavior and mood disorders… I’ve seen it all. I was good at my job, and my child clients made significant progress in our sessions with diligent work. BUT… things were not changing as much at home. Even after an entire year of quality therapy, often, minimal progress was seen at home and parents were growing weary. They wanted help. I could no longer ignore the pleas of parents, so I quit my job as a child therapist and founded Fly on the Wall Counseling.
I started Fly on the Wall Counseling because of parents like you. Parents who love their children, work hard, and simply want to do what’s best for their families. Parents who don’t know what else to try and feel defeated because nothing is working; they fear what their child’s future will look like. Parents who want someone to give them straight-forward answers of what to do, because they just want to enjoy their child once again, instead of, hoping one day their child will somehow grow out of this.
My clients are amazed at how I am able to completely transform their child and homes in just 3 months. I deliver a plan that is perfectly customized to address your child’s personality, motivations, and presenting concerns. A plan that is not only therapeutically informed, but that’s in line with your family values and fits your lifestyle… not to mention delivers the change you desire. My online work with parents is the most efficient, effective, and convenient means to lasting change in your home.

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Jillian N says

Hi everyone! Here is the link to the free resource I referenced in this session!

Jillian N says

If the other link does not work for you, try this one!

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