Recovery is Real: Effective Methods to Recover from Autism

This workshop was presented in the 2014 Special Needs Conference which was a free live online conference, and is now Plus members-only content.

Maria O'Neil

Maria O'Neil

About Maria O'Neil:

Wife to a US Marine, and mother of Connor, 5, who is recovered from autism, Maria used to work in health care but discovered on her journey with Connor that true health care really begins at home. She is a second generation member of the Thinking Moms Revolution and a co-author of the book Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing. Since her marriage in 2006, Maria has traveled from North Carolina to Okinawa, Japan where her then 18 month son received an autism diagnosis. She now advocates for improved access to effective treatments for autism and strives to keep autism at bay in her youngest son, Cash.

"Recovery is Real: Effective Methods to Recover from Autism"

Recovering a child from a severe chronic illness is neither a myth nor a rare occurrence. Every day in this country children are regaining their health and wellness thanks to the intense love and commitment of their parents and caregivers, often in partnership with courageous, dedicated, and cutting edge clinicians. The journey to recovery is challenging, expensive, and emotional. Now imagine guiding your child to recovery while managing the stress of having a newborn while your husband deploys to Afghanistan. Maria shares her family's journey, and some amazing methods you can try at home to see results and change. In this presentation, you will learn:

  • What "new science" is and how it's trumping traditional science
  • Why so many kids are diagnosed with autism today
  • How to get the resources you need and to heal
  • How to pay for the healing process
  • How to make your individual plan and what to expect

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