Save CA Charters

You can email us at:

HOW YOU CAN HELP:Call, write, and message your California Senate and Assembly reps; express opposition to AB 1505, 1506, 1507, and SB 756


*Also, share your story on social media regarding why charter school options are important to you. And make sure to hashtag #saveCAcharters

Six ways you can help save charter schools

If EVERYONE can do just one thing, that’s something!
We are working on a big campaign..
Here’s how you can help....6 options!

1) Volunteer at your park days to take photos of individuals with their personalized signs of support for charters & in opposition of the bills. I will create a consent form that’s easy to print out, people can just sign their names and emails to consent and receive the end product. Whomever is taking the pictures can take a picture of that form at the end and email me both the form and all of the photos that were taken at the email address below:SaveCAcharters@gmail.comSome of the parents want to be anonymous or don’t want their kids faces in the photos, that’s perfectly OK, they can always take the photo from the neck down.volunteers will need to bring markers and some plain blank copy paper so that people can write out signs. If you need sample questions to answer to make the signs I have a list of questions.

2) Schedule for us to come out to your park day. I’m working with two other moms who have volunteered Their time and service as freelance film producer and a photographer. All video recordings and photos will be edited and used on social media and sent to the task force in support of Charter Schools. We will be posting these for you but we also would love for families to find avenues to post on their own behalf in their circles.If people have YouTube channels and followers or blogs or things of that nature where we can get more exposure we would be happy to hear about that.We will be linking with #SaveCAcharters

3) Families can take their own videos discussing why they want to keep their charter schools & why traditional public school didn’t or won’t work for their children. Then they would email it to us and Include the written consent on the email or consent at the beginning of the video. 5-7 minutes max.I can provide some sample questions.

4) Families can send in photos of their children doing educational things and schoolwork in the community, with their friends, at home, etc. One does not need to show faces if there are pictures where kids are looking away or down that’s perfectly OK. Don’t include other children that have not consented. They can be pictures of sculptures, robots, projects or awards & things of that nature. Make sure there’s no addresses or things like that in the picture since these will be used publicly.

5) Families can write up a narrative about their story and how they came to Charter School and Home School their children and why it’s necessary to keep doing so. Again, I can provide a list of questions. These narratives are mostly going to be for the task force to read, but they may be sampled in some of the other media.

6) Kids can contribute pictures drawn on the subject or political Cartoons

If there are other ways that families want to contribute please let me know if they have other questions please have them email me through

We will have a parent photographer and a parent film producer at these parks on these dates:

Monday June 10th in Fullerton at Hillcrest Park 10:30-1:30pm&Wednesday June 12th in CM at Tewinkle park 10:30-1:30pm

Who are we sending this to?I have a few parents who have their own YouTube channels with many followers, we’re going to post it on social media sites and we’re going to send it to the task force and hopefully to the representatives. Generally, we’re going to put out 30 second video recordings with some still pictures and make it nice and polished, and then I will post peoples videos and pictures afterward to try to create more awareness and give this opposition a voice. News media is barely covering this side of the topic... we are trying to create our own. We need a voice. The general population & teachers union need to see us. These rights & these kids matter!