Seamless Learning
By Jen Holmstrom

When we choose to homeschool we are given a very special gift. The ability to experience hands on activities and interactive field trips that will educate our children. The special part is that these experiences can result in acquired life skills and abilities that enhance self reliance. We are raising our children to be independent and unafraid to take on unfamiliar tasks. That being said, sewing is an essential project for our children. Sewing is a skill that can be applied to every day life and takes knowledge, patience, and practice. A sewing project can easily check off a home education assignment, but it can also be a valuable field trip if you embrace the entire process as an educational experience.

Don’t worry if you have no clue about sewing; learn alongside your child. Take on a project together. The first time a person enters a fabric store, it is a foreign land with lots of pretty materials to see. But if that person does not know anything about sewing, they might be found lost amongst the aisles of fabric and eventually head to the exit empty handed and feeling defeated. Don’t let this happen to you or your family! If you are a beginner, make a trip to your local fabric store on a mission to learn more. Look at it as a research project and bring your notepad and pencil. You’ll need it! You will be figuring out types of fabric, how they measure differently, strengths of thread, how to read patterns and sizes, and much much more! Hopefully the staff will be helpful, but most of us have the internet to help figure out most of the sewing terminology.

Here are two great resources for sewing terminology:

* Sewing Dictionary

* Sewing Terms 101

One of the biggest challenges is learning how to use your sewing machine, but that is something you can do step-by-step at home. I’ve been there and sewing is a complicated activity. But with each sewing project completed, there are so many skills acquired. You will learn vocabulary, math, geometry, hand-eye coordination, color coordination, creative planning and design. And if you are an expert seamstress, you are ahead of the game. Start passing on those fabulous skills to your kids and encourage them to start tailoring their knowledge. Children can begin sewing as early as age 3!

With Christmas coming up, sewing can be very useful in figuring out gift ideas. Many of the beginner sewing projects can be perfect gifts for family and friends. Some fun ideas can be found here:

* 25 Things to Sew in Under 10 Minutes

Sew easy, right? Haha. 😉

When a child gets an opportunity to create, they are empowered in a very intimate way to do more. After finishing a sewing project, they may want to do more, practice and improve… or they may not. But completing the project will be a proud moment regardless of the product. I hope you find your way into a fabric store with your child to take on a fun project the two of you will remember forever.

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